Once pregnant, women generally recommended a specific list of what should and should not be done by everyone. Interestingly, many of them are simply myths about pregnancy.

Here are 10 Myths you have Never met and Enjoy a Happy Pregnancy:

Myth 1: Really Sick? You can have Twins:

If you feel sicker than usual, this does NOT indicate the possibility of having twins. Sometimes this may be due to higher levels of the HCG hormone.

Myth 2: Pregnant Women Should Not Eat Crustaceans:

Eating fish in good quantity is very good for pregnant women. Seafood is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Having low-mercury fish during pregnancy will produce smarter babies. Studies reveal that mothers who eat at least 12 ounces of shellfish in a week while waiting for a higher verbal IQ. These babies also showed superior social skills, better motor skills and communication skills.

Myth 3: The Position of the Belly Determines the Sex of the Baby:

The story of old women is not true. The sex of the baby has nothing to do with the position of the belly. Every woman is different and wears her baby differently.

Myth 4: You Are More Variable than Normal for a Reason:

If you’re in a bad mood, it’s not because you’re pregnant with a girl. It could be too much stress or the hormones go crazy. Meditate and talk to your doctor.

Myth 5 – Drinking a drink:

Refraining from alcohol is a personal choice. However, studies indicate that consumption during pregnancy increases the risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). Therefore, pregnant women are advised not to consume alcohol.

Myth 6: A Low Beat Indicates that it’s a Child!

NO! All claim that a baby’s heart rate below 140 beats per minute makes a child fake. The doctor will tell you the real reason.

Myth 7: You Eat for Two:

Excessive cravings and nightly refrigerator trips are not due to the fact that you have to eat for two. Pregnant women need to consume 300+ extra calories each day. So be careful not to gain more than 25 to 35 kilos.

Myth 8: Heartburn Means the Baby has MORE hair on the Scalp!

The growth of a newborn’s hair depends very much on the child’s genetic makeup and is in no way related to the heartburn suffered by the mother during pregnancy. Increasing the weight of the fetus often leads to pushing the digestive system to the cardiac sphincter, which causes the formation of acid. This is the reason for the hyper-acidity and not the baby’s hair. Many women with fabulous heartburn have given birth to babies without hair, and that many women with heartburn have had children with strong hair on their heads.

Myth 9: Certain Types of Foods Affect the Baby’s Complexion:

This is not true. There is no science to support this unfounded assertion. Older and “wiser” women around you will force you to drink plenty of coconut water or saffron milk at night to get a baby right. However, only genes play a vital role in determining the baby’s complexion. Some may even warn you not to take iron supplements because they can darken the baby’s skin. However, the food or medications have no effect on the baby’s complexion.

Myth 10 – Anxiety is Bad for the Fetus:

The latest research has shown that a moderate level of stress does not harm the baby. In fact, it’s really good for the fetus! It will tone the nervous system and accelerate its development. It has been reported that women who have experienced moderate stress during pregnancy have two-week-old babies whose brains work faster than those whose mothers have not been stressed. In another study, 2-year-old born to mothers with moderate stress were found to have higher motor and mental development scores.

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