Among the most painful and dangerous Female Disorders is the fibroid tumor of the uterus. To some extent, the danger is mental as opposed to physical. The higher incidence of cancer along with a broad advertising campaign has made the public highly aware of cancer. For this reason, the discovery of almost any tumor in the body will generally generate terror in the heart of the strongest person.

Therefore, the relatively common fibroid tumor that attacks the uterus is often confused with a malignant tumor (cancer), and the resulting shock is almost as destructive as the growth itself.

Signs Of Fibroid Tumor:

Since there is always the possibility of cancer where unnatural growth is discovered, it is important that the patient be examined immediately. Time is of the essence, since medical science has advanced a lot in the treatment of cancers that have been detected at an early stage. Know these signs of possible memory cancer:

  • Constant bleeding despite efforts to stop the flow.
  • Repeated and severe indigestion attacks.
  • Sudden growth or change in the shape of a mole, birthmark, etc.
  • Fade discoloration (bowel movements).
  • Painful or painful spot or spot on or under the skin that refuses to heal.

As for the fibroid tumor of the uterus, it can be the size of a pea or smaller and can grow to the size of a lemon or larger. Although it originates in the uterus, the tumor can grow inside the uterine cavity during maturation.

As the tumor develops, the uterus becomes knotty and enlarged. Growth pressure on the bladder can cause pain and increased urination. In contrast, fibroid tumors often induce constipation through pressure on the rectum. Hemorrhage is a frequent warning of tumor. The existence of a fibroid tumor inside the uterus is often a cause of natural abortion (spontaneous abortion).

Such developments were treated through characteristic showers, diet, wet wraps and helpful tumbling. A daily warm bath (77 ° to 82 °) with cold packs was prescribed to apply to the vagina at bedtime. Sexual intercourse and other activities that could aggravate the condition were strictly prohibited. As in most cases, my regimen for fibroid tumors also involved the Return to Nature diet. A half pack (abdomen to feet) was applied for one hour each day and muscle and spinal showers (pressure baths) were prescribed three times a week.

Exercises (therapeutic gymnastics) were provided for the patient, although sports that provided entertainment and an elevation of morale were always preferred to ordinary exercise.

Therefore, while the bicycle exercise (in which the patient lies on her back and lifts the body from the waist, boosting the legs as if it were by bicycle) proved effective in the treatment of tumors of the uterus, it He encouraged real cycling. In the same way, if the patient recognized his fondness for rowing, this sport was prescribed instead of a similar exercise, such as squats (in which the patient lies down, with his hands closed behind his head, and lifts and falls the body from the waist to the head without moving the feet).

Other recommended exercises were the rotation of the trunk (from an upright position, the hands behind the head, the body is twisted from extreme right to extreme left and again without moving the feet); Complete flexion of the knees, touch the toes and exercise with the scissors (from a prone position, lift the legs and then slowly separate and together as if they were scissors).

Since fibroid tumors can exist for many years without making the patient known, and since uterine tumors are particularly common among women in menopause (life change), it would seem a prudent precaution if every woman adopts much of this program from the age of forty

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